Trends guide us like a compass in our daily style choices, season after season. Each moment has its own particular artistic or cultural influence that comes together to define our personal style.

AGAPE – S/S 2021

When the world is revolutionized and asks you to change it is right to start a deep search to find out new and authentic inspirations, new and original answers, new and strong energies. It is with this spirit of change that this collection for spring summer 2021 is born. It’s called AGAPE: in English it is the expression of amazement, the Italian means boundless and disinterested love, it is therefore a word that carries within itself the seeds of rebirth. The inspiration of the collection is therefore the amazement and love for nature which, if looked at with new eyes, is generous and able to amaze us and offers us everything, all colors and all shapes.


FLOWING – 2020

Bright, layered colours and very structured cuts in an atmosphere where East meets West. These are the keys to interpreting the new collection, where shades of colour ranging from irisé to amber marry sophisticated styles full of character. The multifaceted stylistic code brings together the many influences that make up our world.
Worlds that seemed separate and distant, merge into the geometric lines, clean cuts and block colours of the 2020 collection.


These are stylistic choices that help enhance the features, complexion and iridescent nuances of the irises. To highlight our individual beauty, which is just waiting to be discovered.

ATTITUDE – A/W 2019/20

From short to mid-length cuts, the Autumn/Winter collection embraces an essential yet personal style. Hair is never below the shoulders and fringes are an absolute must. Solid, glossy colours, combined with bold cuts, tell the story of every woman’s desire to feel beautiful, really beautiful. The protagonists of this collection embody four different ways of understanding and expressing the same style, each with its own particularities. Nowadays it is essential to identify with style choices that reflect and explain the nuances of your innermost self.



The first impression is what really counts, in the Spring/Summer 2019 collection. Bright colours and eccentric cuts tell a new story, a new way of interpreting the world: the important thing is to play, have fun, feel carefree and be yourself. The mood of the collection takes us back to the Seventies, when hair was big and playful, using colour and bold looks to communicate your personality. Sometimes all it takes is one detail to stand out, to express your diversity. Sometimes you have to break the mould and feed the desire to be simply yourself.



DIVA – A/W 2018/19

Today’s woman is aware of herself and what she is capable of. The Autumn/Winter collection features colours ranging from natural to pink and copper, made brilliant by the contrast between light and dark nuances. The style embraces a philosophy in which women celebrate themselves as divas, revealing only the best and expecting nothing less: they want to beguile, making every personal detail a highly refined work of art.