We believe in the importance of consolidating the professional culture of hairdressers through training.Discover our appointments to grow your business and inject it with new momentum.Emsibeth’s coaches are waiting for you all over Italy with basic, technical, styling, master, wellness and special courses.

2023 - 24 CALENDAR


Each course covers specific skills and techniques, offering Italian hairstylists the finest training. Browse through our proposals and find the right one for you.

An exclusive course to become an image consultant and transform your salon into a complete beauty laboratory, to take care of every aspect of the client’s image. A top level team from the world of fashion and communication accompanies participants in this Style Coaching Lab course, which offers numerous visions and a lot of practical tools for those who want to make a difference.

Discover and learn how to implement current fashion trends in a cut, colour and styling workshop. Learn how to propose seasonal must-haves to your customers and how to set up your salon to be eye-catching and trendy. Find out the dates, contact your agent or write to us to book your place.

A visual day on models to learn how to achieve waves and curls according to current fashion trends and the right cut, blow-dry and styling to achieve the desired waviness.

The new vision of waviness, a one-day workshop to learn the new volume trends inspired by fashion and show business with execution of 2 techniques for irresistibly attractive clients.

A visual day on models to learn about the potential of an Emsibeth product line and achieve outstanding results.


A unique lightening method that is simple, customisable and can be applied immediately in the salon to achieve the results desired by clients. Techniques that can be mixed together to create an infinite number of new proposals always in line with fashion trends.


Two days to become an expert in the most advanced colour lightening and three-dimensionality techniques with predefined and detailed techniques, structured around the rules of fitting together and graduating tones, to illuminate and enhance clients.

Each woman has her own hairstyle, up, elegant or romantic, with sober and discreet volume or explosive and extra-large. How to achieve the desired hairstyle starting with cleansing, styling and backcombing to give the necessary support.

Immerse yourself in haute couture, a work of art that becomes matter and generates emotions. Discover all its secrets from research, to history, to fashion shows with all the tricks to create beauty. The volumes, shapes, details of haute couture hairstyles and the make-up that completes the ensemble through the creation of a haute couture hairstyle and make-up as well as a haute couture bridal service on a haute couture model.

Formative meeting and cultural exchange. Crafts, food, art, cutting, technical and stylistic colour
to nurture knowledge and to make a difference.

All the current fashion trends in 2-day cutting, colouring and styling workshops.

For the customer who wants to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, a workshop day to learn about the latest cut and colour trends of the moment..

Providing tools to train an up-and-coming professional figure in the field of hairstyling by giving the basis to guide customers towards a conscious choice, giving new ideas for a change in perfect harmony with their natural colours.

Workshop course to learn all the secrets of cutting, the basic geometries and tools required for successful cutting. Get to know the correct positions of the body, arms and hands. Carrying out the cutting shapes and the first diagrams for their realisation in the easiest and most perfect way possible with the corresponding drying to achieve the desired effect.

Dedicated to those who want to develop a structured method to grow their salon in terms of business management, increased customer welfare and team involvement. Among the lecturers, Danilo Foresi, founder of Parrucchiere Organizzato.

Visual presentation of how thermalism can lead to loving and caring for clients’ skin and hair.

Get to know the Thermal product lines and the thermal method in the salon with Aqvaceremony and the vitality massage.

Course showing in its entirety what Thermal does for the salon. Putting Thermal Aqvaceremony knowledge into practice through skin analysis with micro-camera with treatment choice. Business section to understand how the Thermal line can give an economic and authoritative turnaround to the salon and staff. Receive at the end of the course the salon plaque
Thermal Hair Beauty Spa plaque.

The MBA, the Hairdressing University, is a two-year training course for owners, employees and store managers in the beauty industry. After a first year that includes both theoretical and practical lessons on marketing, business management and team management, only the most deserving will have access to the second year where new topics will be covered in greater detail.

A method that will allow you to stay in line with colour trends. Branded products that support and enhance the method and the use of an emotional and effective language that engages the customer inspired by music.

Learning, reinforcing and expanding knowledge, skills and communication of styling, blowdrying, shaping. To each styling effect a specific name with unambiguous actions. A method that will make it easier for new employees to join in record time.

Find out how to carry out three cutting, colouring and styling proposals with Marco Todaro. You will learn to identify a hair line by historical period, eras, social reasons and ideals that made it famous. Learn some of the methods used to create forecasts and projections on the hair trend landscape and beyond.

Equal aesthetic rights from blond to brown. Two-day workshop to learn about and perform
the Push Ligh and Celebrity Brown techniques.

A workshop to create a colour proposal dedicated to shading seen in a modern, flawless and original way by quickly developing cover colour lightening. It all stems from observing the skill of the DJs at the console: able to switch from one sound to another in a harmonious, flawless and ever-increasing way.

Scratch Colour DJ uses the same principle, applying it to hair colour with engaging, innovative and exclusive new tools to bring new energy into the salon and add a new service to the menu.

Add a new evolutionary lightening service to make the blonde service excellence. Rebuild the base where needed and tone to enhance the colour. Learning the basic steps for presenting oneself on social media. Knowing how to document the customer’s experience in the salon in order to communicate it on social media with maximum effectiveness.

Celebrity all Inclusive, the new service for women in the world of brown hair, a specialised answer that is not only for blondes. A targeted, simple system with guaranteed results. Versatile, to do with or without colour at the base.

Visual day presenting the technical and stylistic family at work. 360 minutes all in one gulp, from diagnosis to knowledge of all the products in the Arpège family.


Discover the Educational Team. A highly qualified team that accompanies hairdressers on their journey of professional development.



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